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How do we work?

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Whether you need to replace one window or want windows for the who house - we have you covered!

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What windows do you need?

Cost to install into existing wall


Cost: From $1,500

Read more

Window replacement cost in Houston


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost to repair fogged windows


Cost: $70 to $120 per window on average

Read more

Cost of triple glazed windows


From: $935 for one premium window

Read more

Cost of bow windows


From: $799

Read more

Cost of a bay window


From: $1,150 to $3,350 on average

Read more

Grants for cost of your windows


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of sliding windows


From: $120

Read more

Cost of steel windows


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of dormer windows


Cost: $12,000 average

Read more

Cost of tilt and turn windows


From: $500 to $1,200 dependent on size of window

Read more

Cost of glass block windows


From: $60 per block

Read more

Cost of commercial windows


Cost: $20 - $25 per square foot

Read more

Cost of mobile home windows


From: $74 per window

Read more

Can I get a grant for my windows?

window costs

Cost: Grants available

Read more

Window prices by size

window prices by size

Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost per square foot for impact windows


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of floor to ceiling windows


From: $700 upwards

Read more

Cost of black windows


From: $300 upwards

Read more

Cost of a corner window


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of a replacement window NYC


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of a replacement window PHX


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of a replacement windows in Old Houses


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of uPVC windows


Cost: $200 - $750 average price range per window

Read more

Cost of large windows


Cost: $170 - $3,800 average price range per window

Read more

Cost of custom windows


Cost: Variable

Read more

Cost of casement windows


From: $275 per window

Read more

Cost of sliding glass door


From: $200 to $1,800 on average per window

Read more

About Our Window Quotes is an efficient way to help you find the most competitive quotes for your window installation projects in your state.

We aren't window installers - but we are experts! Our service connects you with local window fitters to deliver fast quotations for a wide range of window installations, from full renovation projects to fitting energy-efficient glazing replacements and everything in between.

Our role is to ensure you have enough information to make informed decisions, picking local window fitters with years of expertise, affordable pricing and the necessary skills and accreditations to leave your property looking fantastic.

Enter your project details, and we'll ensure you have a range of accurate quotations to maximise cost-efficiencies, along with a library of guides and advice about average costs, so you're confident in selecting the window types and contractors that are right for you.

How Does Work?

It couldn't be easier - and we have a huge network of respected window installers across the US poised to provide knowledgeable quotations and information!

The service works like this:

  1. Let us know a little bit about the window replacement project you have in mind.
  2. Receive information back about the available window fitters in your local area.
  3. Compare obligation-free quotes to ensure you don't spend over the odds.

We appreciate that scouring the market, vetting potential contractors, collating quotes and working through comparisons can be time-consuming, so we want to save you time, effort and cost while streamlining the process of getting your dream glazing installed.

One of the challenges for homeowners is that it's difficult to assess whether an installer you contact has the appropriate accreditations and experience to trust with your home, so we do the leg work on your behalf to suggest contractors of the highest standards.

Every quote is without any obligation. You won't be hassled, can take all the time you need to work through your quotes side-by-side, and can refer back to our knowledge base if you have any questions.

Once you've made a decision, simply book your work and enjoy the warmth and natural light when your brand new windows have been fitted!

Interested in quotes for a future project, or just working through a few design inspirations to decide how to remodel your property?

No problem - we'll be happy to deliver precise quotations whether you're looking to schedule your work immediately or enquire about potential home improvements for the future.

How Many Window Installation Quotes Will I Get?

Much depends on the number of window installers we recommend in your immediate vicinity. Still, we normally suggest you have at least three quotes to get a solid idea of what cost you should be paying.

It's important to compare several quotes because different contractors and companies charge different prices or may have specialist areas of work that make them best suited to specific types of window installation.

One quotation may be excellent value-for-money, but we endeavour to ensure you have a broad range of quotes to ensure that the window fitter you pick is charging a reasonable price.

If you're unsure whether to go with a quotation or have a query about the pricing you receive, you can always explore alternative window options or consult our in-depth pricing guides to choose a glazing unit that matches your budget.

What Window Installation Projects Can I Get a Quote For?

We cover the breadth of window replacements, restorations and installations and provide quotes for new builds, period property renovations and energy-efficiency upgrades.

Our window installation database covers:

  • Replacing old double-glazing
  • Installing new bay, sash, casement and tilt and turn windows
  • Floor to ceiling and picture windows
  • Fitting new windows into brick walls
  • Advanced soundproof windows
  • Attic windows, including skylights, gable end and dormer windows
  • Coloured grey and anthracite windows
  • Repairing faulty glazing
  • Installing French windows and bifold doors
  • UPVC, aluminium and timber window units

A comprehensive network of nationwide window fitters means that we have professional tradespeople on hand to quote for any window repair or installation project.

Are The Window Quotes Free of Charge?

Yes, it doesn't cost you anything to receive your quotes! We don't request any payment whatsoever, with all the information included to help you make your decisions.

We connect you with competent window installers free of charge, and you are not obliged to proceed with any quotations if you change your mind.

Will a Window Fitter Need to Visit My Property to Provide a Quote?

Sometimes, contractors will request a time to arrange a convenient site visit and attempt to work around you to find a non-disruptive appointment.

This visit isn't a sales pitch, nor is it a marketing exercise, but it is a standard requirement for window fitters if they need a first-hand look at the windows or wall in question. They might need to:

  • Take accurate measurements if your windows are a non-standard size.
  • Review the placement and mechanisms in your other windows to replicate the same style.
  • Check on the quality and suitability of your lintels, particularly if you'd like to install a heavier or larger window.
  • Assess the preparatory work required to reinforce the wall, repair damage, or remove a very old window frame that may have impacted the wall underneath.
  • Look at accessibility, and determine whether additional permits or labour hours will need to be included to account for waste removal, site access or installation of scaffolding.

While many fitters will be happy to give an indicative price, a capable tradesperson may note that they would need to visit the site to get a clear idea about any variables that impact the accuracy of your quotation.

Are All the Recommended Window Fitters Fully Accredited?

All the window fitters we suggest and connect you with are highly accomplished professionals.

Our assessment process includes verifying insurance details in place so that any quotation you receive comes with the assurance of full financial protection and quality materials and work standards.

Why Use

A high-performance set of energy-efficient windows can transform your home, making it safer, brighter, better ventilated and more affordable to heat and run.

We want everybody to have reliable quotations from trusted tradespeople and provide a selection of completely free quotes so you can make decisions at your pace and on your terms.

There is never an obligation to proceed if something changes, your quotes are higher than expected, or you simply change your mind!