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Aluminium Crittall Style Windows Cost

Crittall windows are a hugely popular art-deco design feature and look stunning as a feature window or full-size patio door. Most window fitters will recommend aluminium (as a steel-look replacement) because the average cost is around £1,500 - compared to £2,700 per square metre for steel!

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Numerous things will affect the cost of aluminium crittal windows - from the glass, frame material, size, placement, existing window removal, opening style, and the number of transom bars you have running through the window.

While genuine steel crittall windows are not cheap, we'll explain why an aluminium alternative may be the best option from a cost, energy efficiency, and durability perspective.

Factors That Impact the Average Aluminium Crittall Style Window Cost

The biggest cost factor is the size of your windows and whether you've chosen the crittall style for a door or a static window.

Below you'll find some illustrative prices with comparable sizes.

Crittall window size Transom bars Average cost
80 cm x 120 cm Two £1,116
80 cm x 120 cm Four £1,128
180 cm x 210 cm Two £1,956
180 cm x 210 cm Four £1,992

Smaller windows are less costly than a full-size door, but the materials, locks and opening functionality will form part of your quotation.

Glazing bars give crittall windows the distinctive, industrialist look they're known for, and you can choose bars in varying sizes - normally 19 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm and 48 mm.

The thicker the bars, the more expensive the component.

Another big cost element is whether the transom bars are fitted during factory production or whether your window fitter needs to install them manually - a specialist crittall window installer will usually be your best bet.

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Additional Considerations in Fitting Aluminium Crittall Style Windows

Black is the most popular colour for crittall windows, and aluminium can easily be treated with powder coating to reflect any colour or shade you may wish for.

Most aluminium manufacturers have a pretty impressive colour range. If you pick a shade from the catalogue, it'll be significantly more affordable than having a custom blend made for your property.

Catalogue colours are also much faster with pre-manufactured materials and shorter delivery times. If cost is a concern, the more economical crittall windows are those with black white or grey panels (although you'll usually have a few tones of each colour to pick from).

Extra Crittall Window Costs

The handles and accessories on your aluminium crittall windows should match the style of the frame, and you can even choose heritage peg-stays and period window hinges if you're renovating a classic home!

Any custom or unusual accessories will impact the price you pay - options usually include:

  • Standard white and black.
  • Hammered metal finishes.
  • Pewter and gold.
  • Antique shades.

You will also need to select your preferred window sills, whether you want to retain the original trickle vents on your old windows or need a new profile to suit a crittall window installed as a bay or bow window.

Many period homeowners like to add a curved head above the window, which inevitably will feed into your over budget.

The final consideration is your choice of glass. Enhanced security glazing is highly advisable if your crittall windows are fitted on the ground floor.

Acoustic glass can reduce noise pollution on busy streets or high-noise areas, and additional insulation, solar control or self-cleaning properties all command a price premium.

Installation Costs of a Set of Aluminium Crittall Windows

We always recommend getting three or more quotations before you pick a window fitter to work with, and the labour charges for your steel-replacement windows won't necessarily be the same between two contractors.

They'll need to look at:

  • Accessibility for deliveries and tradespeople.
  • Equipment hires to manage large glass panels.
  • Potentially crane hire if the property is very hard to get to, or you're replacing a crittall window at the rear without any access.
  • Expected number of workers and estimated labour hours.
  • Scaffolding hire.

Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Crittall Style Windows for Your Home

Crittall windows undoubtedly look stunning and give your property a unique class and ambience while looking sleek, modern. Still, they have a nod to heritage design - it's hard to get a better aesthetic!

The big plus point of using aluminium is that it's cheaper, has higher strength, and is considerably more cost-effective than thick, bulky steel. It is far easier to install since the material is much lighter to handle.

Weight matters because a large crittall window with steel framing requires specialist support and lintels to ensure the structure is robust enough to bear the load.

Other advantages to choosing an aluminium crittall window include:

  • Long lifespan windows - aluminium doesn't rot or rust, so the window frames should last indefinitely with the right care and maintenance. Aluminium can be vulnerable to corrosion in coastal areas but lasts up to 40 years, longer than steel, timber or UPVC.
  • Thermal efficiency - we talk a lot about energy conservation because it's crucial for homes to meet thermal retention standards while having manageable heating costs. Contemporary aluminium windows are built with polyamide, an excellent insulator to protect against heat loss (at a performance rating of 160 times higher than steel).
  • Low maintenance - a regular wipe clean is all you'll need to keep aluminium crittall windows looking superb.

This short video introduces you to how crittall windows might look in your home or office:

Frequently Asked Questions - Aluminium Crittall Style Window Cost

Below we respond to some of the commonly asked questions about crittall windows, installation processes, and the pros and cons.

How Can I Replace Steel Crittall Windows at an Affordable Cost?

Steel-framed crittall windows were first developed back in 1884, originating in Essex - but the costs of replacing steel transom bars can be extreme.

Aluminium is a popular alternative with comparable strength and security properties, but much more lightweight, longer-lasting and considerably more affordable.

Can I Install a Set of Crittall Windows on Any Style of Property?

The stylistic nature of crittall windows gives an ambience that's art deco, modernist and industrialist - and it looks visually striking.

You'll see crittall windows in a range of noteworthy buildings, from the Tower of London to the Houses of Parliament and in super-chic renovations and city townhouses.

Delicate transom bars and sleek aluminium windows work everywhere, from a Victorian semi-detached property to an eco-friendly loft conversion or as an orangery or conservatory for an elegant garden room that commands style points.

Are Crittall Windows Impractical?

Not at all - aluminium crittall windows combine the best in aesthetic and performance, with double-glazing as standard and high thermal efficiency ratings to ensure your property is warm and meets all the important building standards.

You can also choose fire-safety crittall doors if your glazing is fitted into a kitchen area.

Crittall windows are very practical, and although they look best with a regular clean, they shouldn't rust or wear down even after decades.

Do Aluminium Crittall Windows Get Rusty?

They shouldn't, no. There is a caveat that some aluminium frames, depending on the treatment, don't fare well in high-salt environments, such as properties exposed to sea air.

However, a professionally manufactured aluminium crittall window is designed to handle everything the weather can throw at it without any rot, corrosion or rust.

Most aluminium frames are dipped, with a polyester powder coating that provides the colour of your choice, while also protecting against rust.

Aluminium windows can last for many years and sometimes come with 30 to 40-year warranties.

How Secure is an Aluminium Crittall Window?

Although the style may speak of grandeur and classic design, modern crittall windows are extremely secure. A multi-framed window or door is very hard to smash with tough double or triple-glazing.

Most crittall doors will be made from laminated glass if the glazing is close to the floor height, an additional security feature.

Experienced window fitters can provide a range of multi-point locks and bolts or mortice deadlocks for doors leading directly outside, so there are a range of opportunities to reinforce the security of your home when your new windows are fitted.

Should I Replace or Restore a Set of Original Crittall Windows?

Both options are possible - you may find that if your property is listed or you live in a conservation area, you either need to restore the existing windows or replace them with a visually comparable alternative.

Restoration work costs can be more expensive than a full replacement, although a set of antique steel doors can last another 80 years with a professional makeover.

One of the factors to bear in mind is that older doors will nearly always have single-glazing (double-glazing has been around since the 1980s), so if your windows haven't been repaired before, you probably need new glass.

How Much Does a New Aluminium Crittall Window Cost?

The average price for a new aluminium crittall window, within a standard size, is around £1,500 - although that price will be closer to £2,000 if you fit patio door style crittall doors rather than a standalone window.

If you want to reproduce a genuine steel crittall window, you're looking at about £2,700 per square metre - so around double that of aluminium.

Aluminium is far more common since the delivery lead times are faster, and the price is simply more economical, with all the same qualities of energy efficiency, security and durability.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Replacement Steel Crittall Window?

Homeowners dead set on authentic steel should always use a contractor who is an official member of the Steel Window Association.

The trade body can provide further information about restoring or replacing original steel windows.

Recycled steel can be a better option if you'd like your home to be eco-friendly, but be conscious of the total pricing before you book the work.

Steel frames come in the same range of colour systems as aluminium (although not necessarily an identical catalogue). You can colour match frames to any shade - although a bespoke finish will cost more.

What is the Cheaper Alternative to a Crittall Window?

It would be a shame to lose the distinctive design appeal of a steel crittall window, but thermal aluminium is an excellent choice if the price point is too high.

Modern aluminium crittall windows come with all the accessories you need (and look impossible to distinguish) with horizontal glazing bars, fasteners and solid lock panels just as you'd find on an original steel window.

Technological advances mean that aluminium frames are slimmer than ever before (as little as 30 mm wide!), and you can choose a standard window or door size to keep your budget under control.

What is a Crittall Window?

If you're unfamiliar with crittall designs, it refers to a window made with a black metal frame, with glass panels between horizontal and vertical bars - either separating a large sheet of glass or, more commonly, with individual glazing within each part of the unit.

Technically, only windows manufactured by Crittall Windows Ltd can be sold with this name - although it does tend to be used as a general style description (you can check with your contractor whether it's a real crittall unit or a replica).

Are Crittall Windows Expensive?

Steel window frames can be costly, but much depends on the glazing quality, the window unit, and the experience of your window fitter.

We've given average prices, but a genuine crittall door or window normally comes in at around £2,700 to £3,120 per square metre - although a crittall-style alternative can be a fraction of that cost.

Aluminium doesn't function in exactly the same way as steel (although it looks identical with a powder-coated finish. It is a budget-friendly choice with faster manufacturing and installation turnaround times.

How Efficient Are Crittall Doors and Windows?

The clean lines and slim bars look deceptively fragile - but they're anything but!

A modern crittall door is fire-rated, thermally efficient and double-glazed, so they're fully compliant with every building regulation standard.

Multi-framed designs with secure bolts and mortice deadlocks make a crittall door one of the toughest entry systems, enhancing your home security and curb appeal.

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