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Average Anthracite Grey Window Cost - Are Grey Windows More Expensive?

Grey or anthracite windows look stunning, adding a contemporary upgrade to older homes - the coloured frames tend to cost around 10% to 20% higher than standard white, at an average of £350 for a single-opening sash window. Installation costs are exactly the same, so the only price difference is the coloured frame.

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Average Anthracite Grey Window Costs

As well as the colour of your replacement windows, several factors will contribute to your total budget:

  • The type of windows you'd like to replace (e.g. bay, sash, tilt and turn or casement windows).
  • How many windows you wish to remove and replace during the project.
  • What glazing you choose - such as double or triple-glazing and sound-proof treatments.
  • The size of your frames, and whether they are standard or custom sizes.

Casement windows in black or grey cost from £350, based on a 100 cm x 50 cm opening - whereas an anthracite grey UPVC sliding sash window normally costs around £750.

A fitter will ask about the type of windows you have, and the sizes, before offering a price.

Other Cost Considerations When Buying Grey UPVC Windows

We've mentioned above the type of window and size, and below have listed the average prices for each standard window size found commonly in the UK:

  • Grey casement windows 100 cm x 50 cm - £375
  • Grey French casement windows 100 cm x 50 cm - £525
  • Grey sliding sash windows 100 cm x 50 cm - £800
  • Grey tilt and turn windows 100 cm x 80 cm - £600

Most fitters will charge an average of £80 fitting costs per frame and around £30 for each glass pane installation.

Other costs relate to the shape of your windows - uncomplicated square windows are easier to replace, whereas less conventional windows with rounded edges may require bespoke frames.

Your glazing type will also affect the cost, although high-insulation glazing can pay significant returns in improving your property's energy efficiency rating and reducing heating bills.

Fitters will also consider your location, how easy the access is, whether they need to hire scaffolding or a skip, waste removal charges and any permits required before they can offer an accurate quotation.

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Why Are Grey Windows More Expensive Than White?

The primary reason stylish coloured windows are more costly than standard white is that fewer units are manufactured.

White is a basic colour used in everything from small residential projects to large-scale commercial developments, offering an economy of scale.

Window fitters usually buy bulk raw material rather than producing UPVC in-house, which means a grey window will cost more to build than white.

Anthracite grey is one of many options, and you can choose from a huge range of shades. Anything more complex, such as a wood finish, will be priced higher than a block colour.

The advantage is that a refurbished house with new windows will usually have a much better energy performance rating, which impacts the saleable value of your home.

Fitting unusual grey windows ensures your home stands out and has something a little special compared to neighbouring properties, which likely have the same white UPVC frames.

Benefits of Fitting Grey Windows

New windows can transform your property's appearance, and coloured grey window frames have grown hugely popular, as they give a very distinctive look.

Darker anthracite windows are a spin on a classic window and look more graphic and modern.

It isn't normally advisable to paint UPVC window frames (although you can purchase specialist materials), so replacing the window altogether is an opportunity to upgrade your glazing for an energy-efficient option while switching your window colours.

As grey anthracite windows become in higher demand, window fitters have begun offering wider selections, including lead-grey coloured sash windows and full bay windows or sliding patio doors.

UPVC as a window frame material is one of the lowest-cost options and provides excellent protection from draughts, heat dispersion, and dampness while being highly durable and secure.

Double-glazing is the most common glass option, with added insulation properties. Still, triple-glazing may be preferable, significantly reducing heat loss and making a property easier to keep warm in the winter.

Take a look at this video to get a sense of how grey windows may look at your home:

Frequently Asked Questions - Anthracite Grey Window Cost

Here we'll answer some of the questions we often receive about the costs and benefits of opting for grey UPVC windows.

Are Coloured Window Frames Easy to Care For?

Grey windows are usually considered much easier to maintain than white - standard frames show every particle of dust or debris. In contrast, coloured UPVC doesn't highlight imperfections and needs cleaning less often.

Quality UPVC frames will last for decades, regardless of the colour treatment, and most window fitters will offer guarantees or extended warranty periods.

The production process behind grey window frames means that the UPVC itself is colour treated, so the finish won't fade, wear or start to break down for many years.

How Much More Does it Cost to Fit New Anthracite Grey Windows?

The cost of installing windows doesn't change with the colour, and glazing will be priced consistently according to the size of your frames.

UPVC frames themselves cost around 10% to 20% more in a block colour, such as anthracite grey, compared to a standard white.

What Colours Are Available in UPVC Window and Door Frames?

Most homeowners go for white, grey or black as subtle yet striking colours that work well with any brickwork or cladding.

Another population option is to go for a wood effect UPVC window, which looks like classic timber but won't start to rot or become susceptible to dampness over time.

UPVC windows are very secure, eco-friendly, weather-resistant and durable while requiring minimal maintenance, so they are often preferable to wood given the lower upkeep costs.

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