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The Costs and Benefits of Large Windows

Replacement windows remain one of the top ten of the most popular renovations and refurbishments that homeowners regularly undertake. But what about fitting large windows to your home? Large windows can cost anything from $170 to $3,800 depending on the type of window you need.

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The costs of large windows

There are numerous advantages to putting large windows into your home

Some average window costs across the USA

Type of Window Price Range
Single hung window $170 - $360
Double hung vinyl window $450 - $600
Arched window $325 - $500
Awning window $420 - $760
Bay window $1,150 - $3,550
Bow window $1,400 - $3,800
Casement window $270 - $750

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 What about the labor costs?

Labor is on average between $80 - $100 per hour. Complex windows will take longer to fit and increase labor charges as will poor site access and other remediation and repair work to any walls.

What factors affect the cost of large windows?

There are lots of factors which influence the cost of windows, and these don’t necessarily concern the size of the window although, in principle, large windows will cost more. Here are some of the other key price influencers:-

  • The design of the window
  • The choice of glazing
  • The material for the frame
  • The manufacturer or brand
  • Whether any work is required to the wall, either remediation when the old window is taken out or alterations to the dimensions to fit a larger window
  • The size of window installation company you choose
  • Disposal costs for the old windows
  • Any third-party charges like scaffolding hire for windows above ground floor level
  • Permit charges
  • Zip code – where you live can have a bearing on how much your new windows will cost

What are the key cost considerations when installing a large window?

There are four crucial areas which you should consider with any window installation, but which become particularly important when considering a large new window for your home.

  • Thermally efficient glazing – large areas of standard or regular glass will create a room that is freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer if you are choosing to put a new window in a room that gets the benefit of lots of sunshine. It is really important to protect your living environment and your energy bills by choosing thermally efficient glazing. This costs but it's not really an option to do without it.
  • Privacy – if you have the luxury of a lovely uninterrupted view then you may not care about privacy or tinted glass but if you are streetside and just want natural light not people looking in, then you will need to add some opaque glazing or privacy glass to your spec.
  • Window Coverings – at some point during the day or night you may want to cover the window. Oversized units can sometimes cause problems with blinds or curtains just down to their sheer size. Before you install a large window, think how you want to cover it and whether it will work with your interior design. The cost of bespoke blinds or curtains also need to be factored into your budget.
  • Construction work to the wall – fitting a larger window than is currently present will require some building work to the wall to make the aperture larger. This can have structural issues as well as impacting on the interior decoration of the room both of which will require extra spend.

What are the advantages of installing a large window?

With all the benefits of thermally efficient glazing to avoid excessive heat and cold plus innovations like self-cleaning glass, now there is no reason not to consider a large glass picture window, sliding window or glass wall for your home.

Large windows offer lots of advantages, here are just some of them.

Large windows offer lots of natural light

There is nothing like natural daylight to make a difference to a home particularly in the darker days of winter. Large windows can transform a small house or apartment. Natural light improves energy levels and lifts mood in a way that artificial light just cannot match.

Large windows can use opaque systems like glass bricks, so it doesn’t even matter if privacy is an issue. Using as much natural light as possible saves on energy bills.

Large windows allow you to connect with nature

Large windows allow you to connect with nature and the great outdoors, this could be because you have a fabulous view or overlook a beautiful garden. A large window in an upstairs bedroom or even in a loft conversion can offer incredible skyline vistas.

Large windows give you indoor/outdoor living space

Large windows can bring the outdoors into your interior and if you opt for floor to ceiling windows that open then you can have seamless living from the house to the garden. Large windows can help to create a relaxing space that all the family can enjoy or a dedicated area where you can entertain. Large windows open up a cramped or gloomy space and create distance and perspective using the garden that a small room may otherwise lack.

Large windows provide passive solar heat

Large windows on south facing walls provide the opportunity for you to harvest nature’s natural energy so you can use passive solar heat to warm your home even during the winter. Using large windows in this way is called ‘passive solar design’ and allows you to take advantage of natural forms of heating to help save energy costs.

Large windows create a spacious feel

Even in small or cramped spaces, a large window can make a huge difference to the whole aspect and feel of the room. If the window has a good view, then it doubles the impact. It’s not just the view or vista that makes the room seem bigger, the additional light will illuminate dark corners and create a sense of space which is almost impossible to do with artificial lighting.


Large windows offer the opportunity for plenty of ventilation so can really improve air quality depending on your location. A clever design will allow you to regulate the flow of air depending upon the temperature and helps manage allergens, dust and mold without resorting to artificial room fresheners which can contain toxic chemicals.

What are the disadvantages of installing large windows?

  • Privacy can be a problem depending on your location
  • Security and safety are two key issues that concern homeowners
  • Cost including construction work to make the current window opening larger
  • Heating and cooling if you choose not to use thermally regulated glazing
  • Aesthetics, not all houses can take an oversized window and what might look great to you may fall flat when it comes to kerb appeal at sale time

Finding the right window installer for large windows

Large windows can be quite specialist, particularly if you are going for a floor to ceiling design or something quite intricate which requires construction work on your home.

Make sure you find a window company which has expertise in installing large windows. The internet is a good place to start looking and you will probably find plenty of recommendations on community and neighborhood groups on social media if you can’t find a personal recommendation from family or friends.

There are also online trader platforms which are a good source of information and advice, and these usually provide several free, no-obligation quotes from window installers in your local area who are able to install a large window. A good example of this is

How to fund the cost of large windows

Large windows can be a significant expense and so some people roll this up with other home improvements and either use savings or raise money from their mortgage company based on the available equity in their home. It is also possible to re-mortgage and snare a better interest rate but in either case, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you can afford the higher monthly payments.

Window installers usually offer finance as part of their service, commonly via a third-party company because windows are not cheap, and many people are looking for a way to spread the cost. Always take time to shop around and see if you can find a better rate.

Some thermally efficient windows will be eligible for window grants which are available at federal, state and local level. Your window installer will probably have the most up to date knowledge but do carry out some online research as there can be small, local schemes which get missed.

Most window grants aim at reducing carbon emissions via energy efficient windows and/or helping people who would otherwise struggle to afford replacement windows such as families on low incomes or retired people.

It is most probable that the cost of a large window won’t be covered in its entirety but that you will receive a proportion of the cost from a grant scheme providing you satisfy the eligibility criteria. Most window schemes only pay when the work has been completed to avoid fraud so this means you will still have to meet all the up-front costs yourself.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are large windows a security risk?

Windows are always a security risk, large windows more so. There are a few simple steps you can take to protect a large window or floor to ceiling glass wall or door which could be at risk of a forced entry. Use a shatterproof glass as this makes it much harder for an intruder to break in and it will look exactly like regular glass and won’t restrict the ingress of light. Consider installing window locks and/or a home security system.

Are small children at risk with large windows in the home?

Floor to ceiling windows can present a hazard to small children. You might want to consider using safety glass which won’t shatter into shards on impact and so prevents cuts and injuries if there are any accidental collisions.

What is the best room in the home to choose to have a large window?

Most people choose to put a large window either in the lounge or living area particularly if it looks out over the garden or, in the main bedroom.

In order to calculate the price of large windows, don’t you just double or triple regular window costs?

In theory yes but in reality, large windows can be complex because they sometimes require additional building work to either take away walls or create skinny walls to support the window. Large windows can also be quite complicated in design which increases the price unless you are opting for a very simple picture window.

What kind of Return on Investment do large windows offer?

Replacement windows always offer a good ROI, anywhere from 50%-75% so represent an attractive project for home improvers who want to upgrade their property and improve curb appeal. It is important with large windows to get the design right and also to ensure proper functionality by using appropriate glazing for thermal regulation and privacy. Large windows which are drafty or poor insulators, or which just don’t look right with the design of the house will have the opposite impact on prospective buyers.

Will a large window suit my house?

The answer to this depends on the design of the window you want to install and the style of the house. If you want to go really large, then you may need to employ an architectural designer rather than just trying to install an oversized version of a standard design which might not look right at all. Success depends upon hitting on the right style and glazing plus ensuring that the window is practical and functional for your lifestyle.