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The Cost of UPVC Windows

uPVC windows are commonly referred to as vinyl in the window and home improvement trade. They are a hugely popular choice for replacement window units due to their low maintenance and affordability compared to the alternatives. Looking for costs for UPVC windows? Here are some price comparisons.

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Table of costs for UPVC window

Window Type Average Price Range
uPVC or vinyl $200 - $750
Wood $290 - $2,000
Steel $585 - $1,500
Fiberglass $535 - $1,575
Aluminum $300 - $950

What cost factors are relevant to pricing uPVC windows?

Averages are all well and good but there are a few key considerations to think about to hit on a more accurate figure to help you budget.

  • The size of the windows
  • The type of glazing you require
  • The number of windows
  • Whether any remediation work is necessary to the walls when the old windows are removed
  • Dump costs for waste disposal
  • Third party changes like scaffolding hire for the first floor
  • Whether access to the site is easy or difficult
  • The size of window company you choose
  • The cost of any building permits
  • Where you live – prices vary from state to state and even within cities

Checkout this video on the impact uPVC can have on your property:

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Why are uPVC windows so popular?

uPVC windows are popular for several reasons:-

  • They are strong and durable
  • uPVC windows are low maintenance especially compared with painted timber which needs annual care, just wipe with a damp cloth to remove any grime
  • uPVC is resistant against chemicals, sunlight and oxidation from water
  • uPVC is an ideal choice for double and triple glazed windows
  • uPVC windows are an excellent insulator preventing energy leaking from homes and improving carbon footprint as well as lowering household bills
  • They are economic
  • uPVC is a versatile material and can be used for fascias and downpipes as well to match the new windows
  • Design developments mean uPVC can be created to look as warm as wood
  • uPVC windows are available in a range of colors
  • There are endless styles and varieties to suit lots of different types of property with most window types available in uPVC

What are the disadvantages of uPVC windows?

There are virtually no disadvantages to uPVC windows which is why they are so popular. During the later years of the 20th century, uPVC windows were not as sophisticated as they are now and looked quite plastic. Some people still rejected them in favor of traditional wooden frames. These days however, it is hard to level this criticism at modern uPVC units as they look much more natural and more closely allied to wood.

Funding your uPVC window project

There are a number of different ways to fund your uPVC project if you don’t have any savings or your savings won’t quite stretch.

  • See if your window installer has a link with a third-party finance company, many do and will be happy to quote you subject to status
  • Many householders raise the necessary finance from equity in their homes, this will be subject to an affordability test by the lender. It’s a good way to fund home improvement projects, especially ones that will improve the value of your property. New uPVC windows look good, save energy costs and increase kerb appeal if you want to sell.
  • If you are thinking of moving lender for a better interest rate then this is a good time to release equity in your home for capital projects
  • Look around and see if there are any window grants which may make a dent in your estimate. uPVC units are energy efficient and will tick all the boxes for many schemes which are aimed at reducing household carbon emissions
  • Break the project down into stages to spread the cost, maybe do one wall at a time or just the ground floor

How to lower the costs to hit your target budget

Even though uPVC windows are one of the most affordable options for your home, new windows can still add up to a significant spend. Here are some of the ways to lower an estimate.

  • Opt for a simpler design, this doesn’t have to be on all of the elevations, perhaps leave the more expensive windows for the front of the house and consider cheaper alternatives elsewhere
  • Do one wall at a time, this is a popular way to cut costs
  • Ask for a volume discount, your installer should offer you a bulk discount if you are replacing all of the windows in your home
  • Change the glazing. You may have your heart set on triple glazing but how much will it shave off your household energy costs compared to double glazing? If soundproofing is the reason behind your choice, then just use triple glazing on the windows that are streetside
  • Find out if there are any grants available to help you, your window contractor is usually pretty familiar with what’s out there but do your own research online as well. If you are choosing energy efficient glazing (and most uPVC units have this) then you may find you fall within the parameters of some schemes. Just bear in mind you may still have to front all the costs and then claim back the subsidy afterwards
  • Consider topping up with some finance if your savings won’t stretch. Most window installers offer third party finance but always shop around as you may be able to find a better rate elsewhere

Finding the right window contractor

You will be spoiled for choice if you are on the hunt for a window installer selling uPVC units as these are just about the most popular windows on the market.

Start by seeing if you can get a personal recommendation. Ask friends, family or work colleagues or look online. Neighborhood forums or community groups in your area may throw up some popular firms but make sure the people recommending them have actually used them to fit windows in their home – it could just be a plug for a buddy’s firm.

There are also trader platforms on the internet which are popular because they save all that endless searching around and emailing. Take a look at Just spend a few minutes keying in some essential information about your project and receive free, no obligation quotes in literally a few minutes from window contractors in your area. There are also lots of useful informational guides to help you make the right choice of window for your new home.

uPVC casement windows

Casement windows are one of the most popular uPVC designs and virtually every window contractor will sell this style as part of their uPVC range. Casement windows open outwards from a side hinge, so their ventilation is excellent. Available in a wide range of colors to reflect their popularity, you can choose single hung or double uPVC casements. Single-hung open up to a 90-degree angle and slide up and down whereas double-hung uPVC casements also operate by sliding horizontally from one side of the window opening to the other.

Other uPVC window designs

uPVC tilt and turn windows are really popular for modern homes as they are quite large with a contemporary design aesthetic. Tilt and turn windows open in multiple directions so they are very popular for first floor windows where security is less of an issue and ventilation can be priority.

Unlike the casement design, tilt and turn windows open inwards so they offer complete access from inside the house for cleaning and are perfect for apartments and homes on higher storeys.

Energy efficiency is managed with a very secure seal which makes them one of the best performing windows for thermal regulation on the market.

For an older, more traditional home, sash uPVC windows will elegantly style your house. Available with either a top or bottom hung, these classic windows can be fully opened to facilitate easy cleaning from inside the room.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What does uPVC stand for?

uPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a low maintenance, lightweight plastic building material.

What is the difference between PVC and uPVC windows?

PVC and uPVC are used interchangeably in the window trade although technically, they are different. PVC stands for Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride which makes the material more rigid, but it is common for window installers and contractors to refer to uPVC as just PVC. Always check your windows are uPVC units.

What is the ROI on uPVC windows?

uPVC windows offer a Return on Investment or ROI of around 70%. New windows remain consistently in the top ten of most popular household improvements and a good style of energy efficient glazing will also increase the kerb appeal of your house at sale time.

What colors do uPVC windows come in?

When uPVC first came on the scene, white was pretty much the only color choice, now there are a huge range of colors including cream which works well for traditional or historic homes and the very on-trend black.