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The Cost of Black Windows and Are They Right for Your Home?

Bossing it with black windows for a stylish home makeover is an increasingly popular trend. Black windows account for 50%-70% of all colored window orders in the US. Black windows are elegant, stylish and modern but they do cost more than regular white windows, on average, you should expect to pay between 10%-16% more.

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The average cost of black windows in the USA

These figures are taken from Lowes, a name familiar to and trusted by many Americans. They are designed to act as a reference point and guide only. Individual window contractors and manufacturers will vary plus something as simple as the size of any window will impact on its cost. Remember, there will be additional charges for labor and installation.

Type of Window Average Price Range
Vinyl single hung black window 21.5” x 32.5” $272 - $553
Simulated divided lite square black window 48” x 48” $764
Simulated divided lite vinyl black single hung window 17.5” x 37.5” $464 - $1,269
Aluminum clad egress sliding black window 47.31” x 47.56” $519 - $740
Single vinyl black awning window 35.5” x 29.5” $501.15
Vinyl double hung black window 25.5” x 35.5” $436 - $768

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What are the labor costs for installation?

Work on around $80-$100 per hour. Complex windows or awkward installations will increase your labor costs because they just take longer to fit.

Try and pin down the labor costs on the quotation otherwise the charges can run away with you. A good window installer should be able to accurately quote for both windows and installation and then stick to it. Add an uplift of 10% of the estimate when you are setting your budget to cover anything unforeseen.

What other factors affect the cost of black windows?

There are lots of different factors which affect the cost of black windows, and which have nothing to do with their color. Some of these include:-

  • The size of the window
  • The design of the window
  • The choice of glazing, layered glazing, tinted glass and thermally efficient glass are all more expensive
  • The material for the frames
  • Remediation works for the area surrounding the window
  • Disposal of the old window/s
  • Permit charges
  • Third party costs like scaffolding hire
  • Access to the site, difficult access slows down contractors and increases labor time
  • Zip code – the price for materials and labor varies hugely across the USA and even on a more local scale, within the state or your region or city

Are black windows right for your home?

There is no doubt about it, black windows are right on trend now. They are perfect for urban and contemporary properties and plenty of current blogs in the home improvement and interiors sector rave about them. However, it is important to consider the impact of black windows not just on the exterior of your home but also on room schemes inside.

It is easy to focus just on what the windows will look like from the outside but black windows mean the color black inside the room and this will affect your interior design and color schemes. Black is a prominent color, and many people don’t know how to work with it or decorate around it.

Black is a dominant color internally even if it is only confined to the windows so you need to think about what you will do with the walls in terms of wallpaper or paint. Another big question is what you will use to cover the windows. If this is just too problematic then choose white or another color for the inside of the windows.

Some window manufacturers maintain that black windows actually look best uncovered. This reveals the impact and effect of black on the windows, but this only really works if the windows are fitted to a property which has the luxury of a situation where window covers are not necessary.

Teaming black windows with white walls?

This is a very popular look both internally and externally, but it is really important to get the right shade of white. This will differ indoors to outdoors.

Some black windows will make the exterior of the house seem as if the windows are just black holes during most of the daylight hours. Small black windows surrounded by beautiful architectural features and window boxes with white flowers can look amazing but large black windows on a stark wall will look awful.

If you are browsing pictures online for ideas and inspiration then it is really important to consider the style of both the house and the windows, any other architectural features, the type of glass, whether there are lights on inside the property and at what time of day the pictures were taken. This can all suggest an amazing look but even if you just alter the light by taking the pictures earlier or later, the house can appear completely different.

How to pick the best black windows for your home

  • Keep the mullions really thin
  • Inside the room, pick up black in your interior design – this could be as simple as black sofa cushions on a white sofa, it doesn’t have to be particularly dominant
  • Black windows usually feature in interior design schemes which favor white and suggest angular lines and geometric designs. It is super easy to work a chessboard style theme in lots of different rooms within your home whether that involves floor coverings or soft furnishings
  • Black works well with white both inside and outside, it does not look so good with earthy tones so if you house is red brick, or a rustic brick or stone then avoid black windows
  • Black windows always look best uncovered both from the inside and the outside so beware fitting black windows to a part of the house where you know you are going to need privacy, like the bathroom or a streetside room. If you do want a black window, then try and choose a location where privacy will not be such an issue such as the landing on a staircase or a private room which is not overlooked by any other properties or roads, or one sheltered by trees. Opaque or privacy glass is another option if you really do want to keep a black window uncovered

What are the advantages of black windows?

The main advantage of black windows is their style and appeal – they look different, they are more individual particularly if you are in a street of similar houses and they have a luxurious elegance which people perceive to be desirable. They add a cachet to your home which can make it stand out and this can also be a real selling point.

What are the disadvantages of black windows?

  • Black windows absorb a lot of light so heat up quickly, this can cause an issue with the difference in temperature between the outside frame and the glass itself. The glass may be warm to the touch, but the black metal frames will be significantly hotter, this can be minimized by using vinyl frames instead and will protect the glass from thermal cracking and prolong its lifespan
  • Aluminum or steel black frames can become too hot to touch
  • Black uPVC windows can overheat on sunny days which causes degradation of the frames and the structural integrity of the glass unit which can suffer if the edges of the unit by the frame is hotter than the central portion
  • Painted black frames even vinyl ones will be subject to some element of fading depending upon how much exposure they have to the sun
  • Black frames which heat up significantly can lack structural strength and integrity
  • Black windows are more expensive than regular white alternatives
  • Black windows don’t suit all property styles

Questions to ask a window installer

There are plenty of questions which you should be asking a company who want to quote for your job. These include:-

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you experienced at installing the type of windows I have chosen?
  • Is this the final figure on the quotation or are there any other costs like permits or scaffolding hire which have not been included?
  • Does the cost include disposal of the old windows?
  • Can you provide any references from previous customers?
  • What warranties do you offer with your work?
  • What guarantees are provided by the window manufacturer?
  • Do you have all the correct licenses and insurance?

Questions specifically relating to black windows might include:-

  • Do you think black windows will suit my property?
  • How much will the value of the house increase by?
  • Are there any problems with the temperature of the window frames?
  • What can you offer or suggest to protect the frames from fading?

Set on black windows for your home? How can you reduce the cost?

Going over budget is not unusual but if you have really set your heart on some bossy black windows then how can you tailor the quote to come in on or under your budget? Here are some tips and tricks.

  • Work with your window installer to see if you can lower the cost without losing the design aesthetic or compromising too much on the quality
  • Plan the work in stages so just do one or two windows at a time
  • Change the frame material
  • Choose a different type of glass
  • Opt for a less complex or intricate window design – simple windows are cheaper
  • Find out from your installer and look online to see if there are any window grants you could benefit from which will help with the cost. These often only pay a proportion of the final amount if you are eligible, and many schemes will only release money after you have paid the window contractor and have a receipted invoice
  • Look around for installers who are offering special offers or discounts

Grants for windows

New windows are a hot home improvement plus they are also a big influencer in the level of emissions that come from your house. As a result, grants for new windows are not unusual and you may be able to benefit from a scheme which chips in some money towards the overall cost.

Window grants run at all levels, nationally, regionally and locally. Your window contractor will probably know what’s available as this is a handy inducement for any salesman to use; however, still conduct your own research as grants and schemes change all the time.

Most grants for windows are aimed either at thermally efficient products and/or low-income families or retired householders who would otherwise struggle to fit new windows. Your premier black windows may not fit the scheme although if the glazing is thermally efficient then some schemes may accept you.

Most grants pay a proportion of the cost subject to a cap. Often this will not be paid until the windows are fitted and paid for by the householder. You will need to use an approved and licensed window installer.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully as there may be restrictions imposed such as not selling the house for a certain period of time after the windows have been installed.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do black windows cost more than white windows?

Usually yes, as black windows are more unusual and are trending and so they seem to have a premium cachet as well as a premium price tag.

I have put black windows in my home, and they look awful. What can I do?

In simple terms, paint them if they are wood or metal or just replace them. Changing the windows is a common thing that many people do when they buy a house. This might be because the windows need an upgrade due to age or just because they don’t like what they look like.