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The Cost of Replacement Windows in Phoenix

The average price of replacement windows in Phoenix is between $420 and $603 per window but this does not include labor which comes in at approximately $150 per hour.

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Average costs of windows in Phoenix

Here are some average costs for replacement units in Phoenix based on different window types.

Type of Window Average Cost
Single pane window $50
Double pane window $100
Laminated or tempered panes $750
Awning or double-hung window $250
Sliding glass $500

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What factors influence the cost of replacement windows in Phoenix?

Averages can only take you so far towards the real cost of replacement windows so here are some of the factors to take into account and which can influence the final price up or down.

  • The size of the window
  • The design of the window – complex designs will cost more
  • The material of the frame
  • The type of glazing you choose
  • The brand or window manufacturer
  • Whether your walls will need any remediation work when the old windows are removed
  • Access to the site
  • Disposal costs for the old windows
  • The size of window contractor you employ
  • Your zip code in Phoenix – costs vary across the city

How to choose new windows for your house

Here are some key tips if you want to replace your windows and are thinking of trying a new look or design.

  • Decide whether design is more important than thermal regulation and functionality first – this is about sorting out your priorities. Design and function don’t have to clash but at the end of the day, no-one has a bottomless pocket so usually your budget will veer more towards one than the other
  • Choose a style that suits your home with a color that works for the exterior of the property. You might want your home to stand out from the others in the street, but this should be for all the right reasons not the wrong ones
  • Always pay attention to energy efficiency, this is not only important for your heating and cooling bills but can make an impact when you sell the house. Purchasers are not so keen on windows with a low rating
  • If you want a revamp and fancy a new design, then see if you can use computer simulation to illustrate what this may look like on your home – it’s an expensive mistake if you get it wrong
  • Choose a reputable window installer. A good company may mean avoiding the cheapest quote you have had but replacement windows are a significant financial investment so look after your dollars wisely and only entrust them to a contractor with a good reputation for service and quality

How to lower the cost of replacement windows in Phoenix

Here are some tips to help you budget for the cost of replacement windows.

  • If your favorite quote comes in over budget, then ask your window contractor if a change of glazing and/or frame would work for your requirements and lower the cost enough to slide under the line
  • Always remember to add 10% to the quote you accept for those unforeseen problems
  • Look around for window grants to help offset the cost, energy efficient products will always attract the most chance of funding as lots of window grants support windows which help control household emissions
  • Stagger your project so just replace the windows on one wall at a time to spread the cost

Finding the right window contractor in Phoenix

Ask around friends and relations to see if you can find a personal recommendation, these are always the best. Online forums on social media are another good source of suggestions but always check out that the people giving the recommendation have actually used the company and are not just promoting their friends.

There are plenty of internet trader platforms where, if you key in a few simple details, they will generate quotes for you from contractors in your area who are able to do the job. One of the best of these sites is Receive several free and no obligation quotes for your window replacement project plus benefit from free advice guides to help you make the right choice of windows for your home.

This video takes you through some of the factors that may affect the cost of your replacement windows:

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best replacement windows for my Phoenix home?

The best windows are the ones which suit your taste, partner well with the style of the house and offer the best energy efficiency, all within your budget.

Do replacement windows carry any guarantees or warranties?

Your window contractor should offer a guarantee for their workmanship, this is something to check out before you accept the quote. There will also be separate warranties for both the window frames and the glazing. Make sure all of this information is passed over to you before the contractor finishes the work.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with the installation work or my new windows?

It really rather depends upon whether the problem lies with the contractor and is related to poor installation or whether there is a defect with one of the window units which should go back to the manufacturer. Just to muddy the waters, some product guarantees are invalidated if the window is not correctly installed by a proper window professional. Always be clear about what course of action or remedies are open to you should this happen before you sign up to a particular contractor. This is also why it is always worth using a reputable window fitting company even if they are more expensive as generally, they will be keen to protect their good reputation and are more likely to put things right.

How much ROI will I see on my window investment?

Return on Investment or ROI will vary according to where you live and the type of windows you choose but on average, you should expect to see an ROI of around 70%. New windows will also make your property more attractive to purchasers when you go to market.