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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows In A Mobile Home?

Starting at around $74 dollars, replacing windows in a mobile home is usually quite a bit cheaper than replacement in a regular house. New windows in your mobile home can really change up its appearance and create something fresh and new plus, modern materials can hugely improve energy efficiency.

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The cost of replacing mobile home windows

Here are some costs associated with different types of replacement windows for your mobile home.

Window Type Window Cost
Aluminum Vertical Window with White Flush Mount $74.75
Aluminum Vertical Window $74.75
Aluminum Vertical Window with White Lap Siding Applications $103.35
Vinyl Window without Screen $114.12
Vinyl Window Obscure Glass without Screen $118.75
Vinyl Window with 6 x 6 Grids $142.95

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What are the factors which can influence the cost of replacement windows for a mobile home?

Window prices vary hugely, here are some of the factors which can influence how much you will end up paying.

  • Style – new windows can transform an older style mobile home
  • Size – the size of the window will impact on the cost, if you are considering going larger then you will need more serious work to install the new units and the labor costs for installation will increase the final bill
  • Previous installation method – there are two main types of installation, flush mounted or lap-siding. Lap-siding installations are fitted so that the siding covers the window frame screws. If you want to change the installation method, then this may require preparatory works on the window frame
  • Window opening – if the window aperture has gone out of true then this can be a possible cause of the problem with your current window and will affect a new unit; it can limit replacement options. A small issue can be corrected with shims which essentially make good the difference, but a new frame could be required if the distortion is greater
  • Code requirements – some mobile home windows are subject to strict size requirements, for instance, bedroom windows have to be a certain size to allow for escape in the event of a fire

Installation Costs

If you purchase a replacement window or windows from a dealer, then some offer discounted installation costs in order to win your business, or you can buy a complete installation kit and fit the windows yourself.

How to keep the costs down

Many people order replacement windows for mobile homes online, but this can significantly increase the shipping costs. If possible, try and find a local supplier where you can go and pick the windows up or have them delivered at a relatively cheap cost.

Different types of replacement window for a mobile home

There are lots of different options available for mobile home replacement windows using materials ranging from fiberglass and wood through to aluminum and vinyl.

Mobile home windows are generally divided into two categories, vertical slide and horizontal slide.

The entry point price wise is aluminum windows which can retail at under $100 for a basic unit without any installation, sometimes even under $50 per unit. Aluminum windows have been very popular over the years as they are low-cost, extra tough and durable and create a great airtight seal. However, aluminum windows offer poor thermoregulation and don’t look very attractive; they have been superseded almost completely by vinyl windows.

Storm windows offer superior weather protection for exposed locations and challenging climates.

Vinyl replacement windows are the top end of the product range with frames which offer superior insulation for energy efficiency and are low maintenance as they never rust, chip or rot. The color is mixed into the material during manufacture which means you don’t need to paint them after installation, and they are easy to wipe clean with just a damp cloth.

Vinyl is popular because it represents excellent value for money. Vinyl windows are more expensive than aluminum but not significantly more expensive and vinyl windows are available in a wide range of colors.

Whatever type of replacement window you choose, here are some key features to look out for:-

  • Interlocking meeting rails for maximum safety and strength
  • Tough weather seals and stripping at the sash head and jambs
  • Weep holes for drainage
  • Nylon glides for easy adjustment of the window

Why Replace the Windows in your Mobile Home?

There are a number of factors which might trigger the requirement to replace some or all of the windows in your mobile home, here are the most common reasons.

  • Leaks – leaks in a mobile home can cause a lot of damage, potentially more than in a regular constructed house
  • Damage – just like any other house, damage can occur through accidents both inside and outside the mobile home
  • Rusting – excessive rusting can develop after years of exposure to the elements
  • Malfunctions – sometimes when windows in a mobile home break, they can fail to open or close and often the only fix is a complete replacement
  • Outdated – some mobile owners replace windows to create a fresh and more contemporary look to upgrade their mobile home
  • Energy efficiency – energy efficient windows will just make your mobile home a nicer place to be, no more freezing in the winter months and overheating in the summer. Plus, energy efficient window units will save you bucks on your heating and cooling bills
  • Rattling – old windows that don’t fit so well can be noisy in the wind, replacement units will fit nice and snug

Buying your replacement windows online, what to look out for

  • Double check your measurements very carefully, if necessary, speak to someone or email to get them to verify what you are buying based on the existing window
  • Check carriage costs very carefully before you make a purchase as these can vary hugely and are often significant
  • Do your research and check out the company carefully in terms of the quality of the windows and any follow up service. Make sure the reviews you read are authentic and genuine. It is always worth paying a bit more and going to a company with an established reputation and lots of happy customers

Tax credits for energy efficient mobile home replacement windows

Some window designs which are energy efficient can attract tax credits for lowering carbon emissions and improving the mobile home’s environmental footprint. Credits and grants are available at federal and local level. Speak to your window company and find out more using online research. Not all environmental grants cover replacement windows so read the small print carefully.

Most companies selling replacement windows and doors are usually pretty savvy at knowing what’s available as it can help with purchase costs and encourage more customers. However, do bear in mind that some grants require full payment upfront and evidence of this before they will release any monies, and some are aimed at low income and elderly people only.

How to replace a mobile home window

Before you start work, you need to ensure you have all the right tools for the job. Required are:-

  • Screws
  • Drill with screw head bit or screwdriver
  • Putty tape
  • Tape measure
  • Silicone sealant
  • Level or square

The first step is to accurately measure the window to be replaced. If you are going for an exact replacement, then this should be fairly straightforward. You should always measure the opening after the old window has been removed rather than the current window that is in situ.

Next, remove the mobile home siding, this will depend upon how the old window is mounted to the wall. It will either be flush mounted which means it is installed over the siding or the alternative is a lap siding mount which means the siding covers the window frame and screws.

Remove the siding around the window; sometimes the seam is located some distance away. If the siding is made of aluminum then be careful not to bend it.

Take the old window out by removing the screws and the window frame. Sometimes this can be tough as the screws are old and have been in place for many years. You will need replacement screws, preferably ones which are longer than the originals.

Take away the old putty tape from the opening and the inner frame, this could put up some resistance and you may need a wire brush and a bit of elbow grease. Apply new tape around the window frame. If you have had leaks or moisture ingress at the top of the window, then double up the tape.

Set the new window into the frame. Insert the screws without fully tightening them so you can make sure the window is completely level first. Make sure the screws go in straight. Add one screw to each side in a rotation and keep checking the window function as you go so that it opens and closes properly.

Seal the window by using silicone sealant where the window meets the siding. If moisture is a concern, then you can seal the whole window. Finally, replace the original siding.

Find an installer to replace mobile home windows

Most regular window companies offer installation for residential and commercial properties but a lot of these firms don't sell suitable products for mobile homes.

It may be that you can find the windows that you want for your mobile home online but don’t know anyone who can fit them for you.

Start by asking around on the park or site as there may well be another mobile homeowner who can recommend someone. Companies that sell mobile home products and fittings locally may also have some tame contacts that they can recommend. Otherwise, trawl around online and see if you can find a personal recommendation from an online community or neighborhood group. It is always better to have an installer who is familiar and experienced with mobile homes as it is different to changing windows in a regular house and often beyond the skills of a basic handyman.

Mobile Home Park Limitations

Some parks have restrictions on the type of windows you may install in your mobile home. This can encompass styles, colors and materials so always check the policy on site before you commit to replacement windows.

This short video shows you what's involved in replacing windows in a mobile home:

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace a window in my mobile home myself?

There is a perception that this is an easier job than replacing a window in a regular property, but it depends on the construction of the mobile home and the replacement window unit. If the integrity of the mobile home is good and there are no problems with the fabric or the window frames, then some people who are handy at DIY will fit new window units themselves. Many depots for mobile home parts sell complete window installation kits for this purpose.

Where is the best place to buy replacement windows for my mobile home?

Rather than going to a window contractor, many people use specialist mobile home parts companies. These offer bespoke products specifically designed for mobile homes plus a range of extras like shutters and window screens.

What is an awning window?

Awning windows were popular on mobile homes between 1976 and 1985. Similar to Jalousie windows but with two or four larger panes of glass, the panes open and close via a crank mechanism and torsion rod. Both Jalousie windows and awning windows fell out of favor as they are not very good at stopping draughts and better alternatives were developed.

Do mobile homes have standard window sizes?

Older mobile and manufactured homes do not tend to have standard window sizes and so you may need to retrofit a new window or get someone to install it for you.

Which is better, single hung or double hung replacement windows?

With a single hung window, the bottom panel or sash moves vertically while the upper sash remains stationary. When the window is open, the bottom sash partially obstructs the upper sash. A double hung window offers the ability to open each sash rather than just the bottom one, so airflow and ventilation are improved. Single hung windows are cheaper, but you do lose insulation properties compared to double hung windows.