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How much do Tilt And Turn Window Cost?

Tilt and turn windows are taking the home improvement market by storm providing a fresh and unique look to any house, with great functionality and impressive energy performance. But how much do tilt and turn windows cost?

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Tilt and turn window costs explained

Here are some average prices for tilt and turn window units in white.

Size of Window Average Price
600mm x 900mm $523 - $720
800mm x 800mm $523 - $784
1000mm x 800mm $588 - $850
1000mm x 1000mm $621 - $915
900mm x 1200mm $653 - $980
1200mm x 1200mm $980 - $1,176


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What factors affect the price of tilt and turn windows?

  • The frame of the window, timber is generally more expensive than uPVC
  • The color
  • Size
  • Profile
  • Type of glass
  • Whether the windows are for the ground or first floor which will require scaffolding
  • The size of window installation company you use
  • Disposal costs of the old window/s
  • Your zip code – labor charges will vary depending upon whether you live in a city or a rural area and from state to state

What is a tilt and turn window?

Tilt and turn windows are a relatively new uPVC window style that represents quite a departure from the traditional casement window model. The unique mechanism allows the window to tilt in at the top as well as swing entirely from the side. This promotes the maximum opening and allows for the most ventilation.

What do tilt and turn windows offer for your home?

Tilt and turn windows offer outstanding energy efficiency, versatility, excellent ventilation and an eye-catching class and sophistication which will set your home apart from others in the street.

One of the biggest criticisms of uPVC casement windows has always been their lack of aesthetic appeal, sure, they do the job in terms of weatherproofing, energy efficiency and cost but they are pretty dull and uninspiring plus everyone has them. Tilt and turn windows turn this on its head, literally!

Tilt and turn windows are very pet and child friendly as this design means you don’t have to open the window fully to allow air in, perfect if you have a house full of escape artists. The upside is that in the event of an emergency, the unit can be completely opened to provide an escape route.

Tilt and turn windows offer all of the environmental advantages of regular double-glazed windows so you don’t have to compromise on those features which you have grown to love. Environmentally friendly windows will improve your carbon footprint and help lower your energy costs.

Tilt and turn windows are much easier to clean on the outside than standard casements making them particularly suitable for high rise apartment blocks where external window cleaning only happens on an occasional basis. Tilt and turn windows can be cleaned quite easily on both sides of the window from within the room.

What are the disadvantages of tilt and turn windows?

Tilt and turn windows require a certain amount of ‘swing path’ when they are open so will intrude into the room, not great if you don’t have much space.

Installation is not as straightforward as with some other window designs so labor charges can be higher and they do require the right choice of window contractor.

Finding the right window installation company

It is important to use a company that is experienced in fitting this type of window. If you know anyone who has them then find out who they used. You can make enquiries online in local community or neighborhood groups to see if you can get a recommendation.

There are also online trader platforms like which can help source a reputable contractor in your area. Just key in a few details and receive free, no obligation quotes.

How to manage the cost of tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are not the cheapest of options for your home and to replace several old casement windows will run into several thousand dollars.

Some window contractors will offer finance via a third-party company which can help with the cost. You should also ask your contractor whether you could be eligible for any window grants or schemes, particularly if you are choosing energy efficient double or triple glazing.

If the tilt and turn window installation is part of a package of home improvements, then many homeowners raise the finance via a home improvement loan or equity release scheme. This uses equity in your home to release a capital sum which is then paid back as part of the mortgage. You will need to be able to demonstrate to your mortgage company that you can meet the higher monthly payments. Some homeowners use this as an opportunity to switch lenders and re-mortgage elsewhere to take advantage of a more attractive interest rate.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about window grants?

Start by asking your contractor and then research online. There are lots of different schemes available mainly directed at energy efficient products to reduce domestic carbon emissions and also to help low-income families or the retired population. Not all schemes include windows, and you will need to satisfy the eligibility criteria for those that do. Most grants will only cover a proportion of the cost and you may need to meet all of the charges upfront and then claim the money back after the work has been done.

Will tilt and turn windows increase the value of my home?

Replacement windows remain firmly in the top ten most popular home improvements because they promote good energy efficiency which helps household bills, improve the aesthetics of the house both inside and outside and offer a good ROI – Return on Investment. ROI is around 70% on replacement windows and higher on tilt and turn units. These windows will also give your house added kerb appeal when it comes to sale time with their stylish look which will give your house the edge over others in the street.