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The Cost of Replacement Windows in Houston

Taking averages across the city, the cost of window replacement in Houston is currently $5,622 with a range of $780 - $12,550 to take account of different sizes and types of windows.

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The average cost of replacement windows in Houston

There are lots of factors to consider when you are contemplating the cost of replacement windows in Houston. Style and design are probably your first thoughts but there are lots of other things that will end up influencing the final bill.

Quality windows are essential in Houston with its humid, subtropical climate. Windows need to manage household cooling costs plus the impact of hurricane season.

What factors affect the cost of replacement windows in Houston?

  • How many windows are replaced although some companies will offer a discount for a high-volume order
  • The design of the windows
  • The window size
  • The material for the frame
  • Choice of glass type – tinted privacy glazing or thermally efficient glass is always more expensive
  • Any repair work to the walls when the old windows are removed
  • Disposal costs for the old windows
  • The size of window installation company
  • Scaffolding hire for the first-floor windows
  • Where you are in Houston

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Funding the cost of replacement windows

Replacement windows for a family home are not cheap and will amount to several thousand dollars. Some people use savings or a mix of savings and finance to meet the cost. Many window installation companies offer third party finance, but you might get a better rate elsewhere so it's always worth shopping around before you sign on the dotted line.

One option is to renew the windows a little at a time starting with the ones most in need of replacement; this is an uncomplicated way for you to spread the cost without deferred installment payments to your window company which could attract interest.

Some people use equity in their homes to raise a lump sum via a mortgage or re-mortgage and use the money for home improvements. You need to be able to demonstrate to your mortgage company that you can afford the higher monthly payments.

How to find the right window installer in Houston

Start by trying to find a personal recommendation from a family or friend. Social media is a good place to look for suggestions but make sure the people who are recommending names have actually used that company and are not just promoting their relatives or friends.

There are also online platforms who with just a few details can provide several free and no obligation quotes from trusted installers in your area. One of the leading examples is There is also lots of useful information on this site to help you choose not only the right contractor but also the best windows for your home.

The right questions to ask a window installation company

Always obtain two or three quotes minimum for comparison, you will be surprised at how much prices can vary.

Interview each installer in turn as this is a great way to get a feel for their business and will ultimately help you choose the right company for your home. Here are some key questions to ask:-

  • Is this figure on the quote the final amount or are there any other charges or third-party costs that have not been included?
  • Do you charge separately to dispose of the old windows?
  • Are permits required for this work and if so, do you apply for them and is there a fee?
  • How much experience do you have installing windows? How long have you been in business?
  • Do you envisage any access problems with the site or the area around the house?
  • How long will this installation take?
  • Will you stay on site until all the work is complete?
  • Do you have testimonials or references from previous customers?
  • Are you correctly licensed and do you have the appropriate business insurance?
  • What guarantees do you offer for your workmanship?
  • What are the manufacturer warranties that come with my choice of windows and how long are they for?
  • Are there any window grants or schemes that you think I could benefit from?

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any grants available in Houston to help with the cost of replacement windows?

Grants for replacement windows may be available at federal, state and local level to help with the cost. Most grants are designed to promote energy efficient windows and reduce carbon emissions so it may depend upon which type of window and glazing you choose for your home. Some schemes are aimed at low-income families or retired people who may struggle to find the funds to replace their windows. Your window installation company should be able to tell you what’s out there but do your own research online as well. Most window schemes will only release money once the work is completed and you can show a receipt invoice so this means you will still need to front all of the cost yourself.

Will replacement windows increase the value of my Houston home?

Window replacement is consistently listed as one of the top ten home improvements which will increase the value of your home. Why is this? It’s because new windows offer a very visual upgrade to both the inside and the outside of the property and there are not many home improvements that can make that claim. Also, new windows will improve thermal regulation so a buyer knows that the house will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter plus the emissions will be as low as possible which affects not only the environment but also your household bills. ROI – Return on Investment – for replacement windows is anything from 50%-75% depending on the style and value of the windows and the type of house.