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The Cost of Window Replacement in Charlotte, North Carolina

The average price range in Charlotte and up to a 50 miles radius is between $432 and $600 for a standard vinyl double hung window – this is the installed price – and between $600-$500 for a double hung wood window, again the installed price. Labor charges in Charlotte for window installation are around $142 per hour.

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The average cost of replacement windows in Charlotte, NC

If you are thinking of replacement windows for your Charlotte home in North Carolina, then you will be interested in working out some average costs before you start looking for a window contractor.

The average price range in Charlotte and up to a 50 miles radius is between $432 and $600 for a standard vinyl double hung window – this is the installed price – and between $600-$500 for a double hung wood window, again the installed price. Labor charges in Charlotte for window installation are around $142 per hour.

Ten windows for a house that measure around 1,000 square feet will cost between $4,700 and $6,500. Prices in Charlotte are about 25% higher than the national average.

What factors affect the cost of replacement windows in Charlotte, NC?

  • The size of the windows
  • The number of windows
  • The design
  • Whether the house has two or more storeys
  • Frame material
  • Glass type
  • Odd-shape or customized windows
  • Window brand or manufacturer
  • Any repair works
  • Disposal costs for the old windows
  • The size of window company
  • Scaffolding hire for first-floor windows
  • Difficult access
  • Where you are in Charlotte

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How does the cost of the glass influence the overall price of the window?

Generally, the more panes of glass you use in a window, the more energy efficient it will be. However, the more glass you use, the higher the price of the window. A single pane will cost $50 on average, a double pane will be $100 and a triple pane around $128.

Next is the type of glass you choose – this can really influence the cost. Privacy glass which is tinted or tempered glass which withstands knocks and bangs or severe weather without shattering will also load the bill.

Thermally efficient glass which is good at keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer does cost more but it will protect your energy bills so you will make savings on household costs.

Finding the right window contractor

Replacement windows for your Charlotte home will run into several thousand dollars if you are planning on doing the entire property; this is a significant investment. Finding the right contractor is essential so you end up with a quality product which is properly installed, enhancing both your home and protecting your investment.

Ask friends and family in Charlotte for a personal recommendation. Social media can be a good source of suggestions if you are a member of a local community or neighborhood group.

There are also trader platforms like Just key in a few details about your planned replacement windows plus your location and receive free, no obligation quotes from window companies ready to do your work. There are also lots of useful advice guides to help you decide on the right windows for your home.

Questions to ask a window contractor

You should always obtain at least three quotes before you choose a contractor. Don’t assume the cheapest is the worst and the most expensive the best. Here are some questions to ask potential window installers to help you make up your mind on the right company for your home.

  • Have you installed these types of windows before?
  • Is there another design which you think would suit my home better?
  • What type of glazing do you recommend?
  • Are there any other costs not listed on the estimate, such as third-party charges which I should expect?
  • Do you foresee any problems with the building or access to the site?
  • Do you have any customers who you can provide as references for your work?
  • Will you apply for the requisite permits if required?
  • What warranties do you offer for your workmanship?
  • Are there any window grants or schemes which you think I may be eligible for?
  • Are you correctly licensed and insured?
  • What guarantees does the window manufacturer offer for the units?
  • Will you remove all the old windows and associated rubbish from the site?

This video talks you through a few things to consider when buying replacement windows:

 Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cut the cost of the replacement windows on my Charlotte home?

Choose cheaper units with a lower specification, this will certainly shave dollars off the final bill but may compromise things like energy efficiency and longevity over the longer term. Look around for window grants which may help towards the cost if your choice of units is energy efficient. Do the work in stages as you can afford it; this is a good way to manage the cost of more expensive windows. Top up your funds with some finance from your window installation company. Most window contractors offer finance via a third-party institution.

What is the best type of replacement window to choose for my Charlotte home?

Choose the best quality you can afford as not only will these windows last longer, but they will also appeal to a new purchaser if you want to sell the property in the future. Choose a design that complements and enhances your home. There is no point falling in love with a style of window that just doesn’t work for your property. You will stand out from the rest of the houses in the street but for all the wrong reasons.

How can I find out about window grants?

Start by asking your window installation company as they are usually pretty on point with what’s out there but do also conduct your own research online as well. Grants can come from the federal level or originate from North Carolina or even locally. Ask local community groups on social media if they know of any schemes for replacement windows. Always read the small print very carefully and bear in mind that most grants require the windows to be fitted first before they release any money. A grant won’t pay for all of it but it will help towards the final cost.