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Window Prices By Size

Size is one of the key determiners in the cost of replacement windows, but it is not the only factor that influences the price. Looking around online can be quite confusing when it comes to working out roughly what the charge will be for your new windows as there always seem to be so many variables.

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Window price by size comparison

Here are some comparison prices on different brands of vinyl window based on size. This chart also includes the location of the project where known and all these prices include installation.

Type of Window Size Price Location of installation
Alside Geneva Single Hung 24”x48” $259 Massachusetts
Amerimax Craftsman Portrait Double Hungs 48”x48” $625 Millbrae, CA
Amsco Serenity Double Hungs 36”x24” $500 Louisiana
Champion Horizontal Sliders
Clear Choice Signature Double Hungs 36”x48” $350

Is size a big factor in determining the overall cost of the windows?

Size is one of the key influences alongside the brand, choice of material for the frame, design and the type of glazing. Size is one of the things that is not easy to alter if you are looking to cut costs. Making windows smaller will require construction work to the wall which just replaces the cost you have saved by choosing a smaller unit although it is always worth doing the calculations to compare the costs.

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What factors affect the size of a new window?

If you are building a new house or an extension to your current home, then you and your architect will have a choice in the size of windows you install. The minimum and maximum size of a window will depend upon several factors:-

The material for the frames – aluminum frames are on average 2.5 times stronger than uPVC frames so they can support much larger panes of glass with thinner frames

Opening or fixed – does the window need to open? The weight of the opening sash will need to be supported by the hinges whereas fixed windows can be a lot larger as they don’t need to support the opening sash’s weight. Fixed windows can take glazing up to 5 m2

Glazing – triple glazing is clearly heavier than double glazing so this will affect the maximum size of the window

Brand or product system – each individual product range will have its own dedicated maximum and minimum sizes

What other factors determine the cost of replacement windows:-

  • The style or design of the windows – more complex designs cost more and can take longer to install
  • The choice of material for the frame
  • The type of glazing – privacy glass or double or triple glazing will all bump up the cost
  • The complexity of installation – if access to the site is difficult or remediation work is required to the walls once the old units are removed then this will increase labor costs
  • The size of window installation company you use
  • The brand of windows
  • Where you live – costs vary widely across the USA but also within individual states and even regions

How to reduce the cost of replacement windows

Size is likely to be something that you don’t or can’t change when it comes to the cost of your replacement windows. However, there are other elements of your window project which can be altered to help adjust the cost. These include:-

  • The number of windows – if there are budgetary constraints then just replace fewer units, do one wall at a time or one floor but bear in mind a larger order should usually attract a volume discount from the installation company
  • Change the frame material to something cheaper – your contractor should be able to advise you
  • Alter the glazing – if you want triple glazing then is it essential on all the windows or will double glazing do instead?
  • If you have site problems so access is challenging, then this is something you can rectify before work starts – it could seriously reduce your labor costs
  • Find out if you are eligible for any window grants – these can help with some of the costs although are unlikely to cover all the work

Funding your replacement windows

Some householders use savings to meet the expenditure of new windows but there are other options.

  • Release equity in your home if you have it and use the money to cover the cost of new windows. The ROI – Return on Investment – on replacement windows is around 70% so it represents a good investment in your property whether you are staying or selling. Updated glazing can help with heat loss and energy bills too
  • Remortgage to a new lender and use that as an opportunity to release some capital from the property. Equity release schemes whether with your current or a new mortgage company, are subject to status and affordability so you must be able to demonstrate that you can afford the higher monthly payments. It’s a good way to spread the cost of borrowing over the longer term and usually at a competitive rate
  • Approach your window installer for finance. Many companies are linked to a financial institution and can offer finance subject to status

Sourcing window grants

Your window contractor may mention window grants to you, if not, then ask the question.

Window grants can help with some of the cost of replacement windows subject to certain criteria. Here are some key facts about window grants.

  • Window grants are usually aimed at energy efficient products which reduce carbon emissions from domestic properties
  • Not all energy efficient grants include windows
  • Window grants can come from federal, state or local level
  • A window grant is not likely to pay for the entire cost of your new windows but just a proportion
  • You may need to front all of the costs and claim the grant funds back afterwards
  • A good window contractor will be aware of current grant availability and can help you adjust your choice of windows to fit within the criteria of certain schemes
  • Some grants require repayment if you sell your home within a defined period after receiving the money, always read the small print carefully
  • Some grants are aimed solely at low-income families or the elderly who may otherwise struggle to meet the cost of replacement windows
  • Don’t just rely on your window contractor, do you own research online and ask in social media groups of anyone is aware of or has recently received a grant for their windows – cover all bases

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are bigger windows better than smaller ones?

The premise seems to be that bigger windows are generally more desirable but only if they have thermally regulated glazing otherwise solar gain and the contra chill in the winter will really impact the room. However, big is not always best if the window is of inferior quality. Large windows don’t suit the style of house, sometimes the case with older or historic properties which were never designed to have them.

Where is the best location for large windows?

Large windows are very popular in rooms which attract the sun, and which have a good view; this can be on the ground or first floor or even in an attic conversion that has a far-reaching rural vista or lovely panorama of a city skyline.

What are the important factors when installing a large window?

Key factors with large windows are that they manage temperature changes with thermally regulated glazing and that they are easily operable for both ventilation and cleaning. Security is also an important consideration as is privacy.

Where is the best location for small windows?

Small windows tend to be fitted where there is not a huge requirement for natural light and/or where security may be compromised. If you have a room where you would like more light but want to retain privacy perhaps because the room is streetside, then rather than opt for a smaller window why not consider glass window blocks.

Are large windows harder to install?

It depends upon the design. Certainly, larger windows can be heavier and require more structural support.

Should I stick with standard sized windows?

Not necessarily if you want to install impact windows or a picture window or glass wall. In general though, most builders prefer to stick with standard sizes as it makes it much easier to replace windows further down the line.

Does the size of the window impact labor costs?

The size of the window will impact on labor costs as a smaller window is usually quicker to fit however, the design can also be relevant. Complicated styles will take longer to install regardless of the window size.

Will an oversized window add value to my home?

The ROI on windows is usually around 70% for your investment and new windows usually result in an uplift in the value of the property especially if they are aesthetically pleasing and offer good thermal regulation. Large feature or impact windows will mark your house out from the competition, but they do need to be practical and well thought out as well as offering a good view.