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The Cost of Triple Glazed Windows

A triple glazed window will cost at least 10% to 15% more than this so on an average sized triple glazed unit, expect to pay $660 to $690 for just one window of mid-range quality. Premium triple glazed windows will cost around $935 each.

These costs do not include labor charges for installation which average at around $40-$60 per hour.

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The cost of triple glazed windows

Triple glazing may sound like a premier choice for your home, but triple glazing is not always necessary or beneficial for all properties and it is expensive compared to regular single pane windows or standard double glazing.

What are the other factors which can affect the cost of a triple glazed window?

Apart from the unit price, there are other factors which will influence the final cost of new triple glazed windows and these include:-

  • The size of the windows
  • The number of new windows
  • The choice of material for the frame
  • Whether the infill is argon gas or Krypton which is more expensive
  • Whether any remediation or refurbishment work is required for the walls around the windows
  • Permit charges
  • Third party costs like scaffolding hire
  • Disposal costs of the old windows
  • The size of window installation company
  • Location – your zip code can make a real difference

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What is triple glazing?

Think double glazing and then some. Triple glazing is three layers of glass rather than two all fitted to one frame with the spaces in between filled with inert gas or argon.

Triple glazing first appeared in the ultra-cold climates of Sweden, Denmark and Norway and its popularity has spread to Canada, the US and the UK.

How to save money on the cost of triple glazing?

Some homeowners will install a mix of double and triple glazing so that they gain the benefit of triple glazing on windows that bear the brunt of the weather or which face onto a noisy street, and they can use cheaper but still efficient double glazing on other walls. This can be a good balance in terms of capital costs whilst maintaining thermal efficiency and good noise insulation.

Mixing double and triple glazing also works well on north facing rooms where you want to enjoy solar gain and the maximum amount of natural light. Triple glazing will only make these rooms seem cold and dark so double or single pane glazing might be a better option and will save you a lot of money.

Using a cheaper frame like uPVC in contrast to timber can save money but most window contractors won’t recommend this as it can compromise the energy efficiency of the whole unit.

Ask your window installer if there are any window schemes or grants in your area or nationally which may help cover the cost. Energy efficiency is a big driver for environmental subsidies, to encourage householders to install windows which reduce the carbon emissions from their home. Triple glazed windows attract the highest energy rating status so may be eligible for grants which help towards the cost. However, some grant schemes won’t pay out until you have met the cost of the installation up front and can show a receipted invoice.

Another possibility is to replace the windows in your home one wall at a time in order to spread the cost. However, if you really can’t wait that long then many window installers partner up with third party companies and can offer finance subject to status when you arrange a quote.

What are the advantages of triple glazed windows?

  • Triple glazed windows reduce noise in locations where there is a lot of traffic, aircraft noise or just sound from adjacent buildings
  • Triple glazed windows are a popular choice in windy locations as they are hurricane-resistant and offer more protection than regular double glazing. Triple glazing is both durable and resistance so will withstand severe weather and harsh climates far longer than double glazing or single pane windows
  • Thermal efficiency is the big attraction of triple glazing, you can make big savings on your heating and cooling costs as well as helping the planet with just the sheer amount of insulation that triple glazing offers. The temperature coefficient of resistance for triple glazing is higher than that of double glazing and much higher than single-paned windows. Triple glazing offers heat conservation about 20% higher than double glazed windows and will also keep homes much cooler in the heat of summer
  • Triple glazing eliminates both condensation and draughts so considerably enhances comfort in the home
  • Most sunlight is blocked out by triple glazing because many units are glazed using something called Low-E glass protecting soft furnishings and fabrics from fade and UV rays
  • Triple glazing offers the ultimate in home security and is virtually impregnable against intruders or break ins
  • Triple glazing offers exceptional noise control which is helpful if you like to play the drums, enjoy loud music or just have an elderly relative who needs to have the television on full volume. Just as triple glazing keeps environmental noise out of the home, it also keeps noise in the property and avoids disturbing the neighbors
  • If you want to ditch the idea of having curtains or blinds which many people use with single pane windows or double glazing as an extra layer of insulation, then you can with triple glazed windows

What are the disadvantages of triple glazed windows?

Cost is the biggest downside of triple glazing, but these windows will uplift the value of your house plus their thermal efficiency is so good that you will be making significant savings on your energy bills.

However, even though triple glazing will cost anywhere from 30%-50% more than double glazing, you won’t see that percentage reflected in the amount of energy you conserve so compared on a like for like basis with double glazing, triple glazing is not cost effective in the energy efficiency stakes.

It also takes a long time to recoup the additional cost of triple glazing over say the investment required for a regular single pane window from your energy savings on an annual basis.

Triple glazing also won’t make an energy inefficient home well insulated if it has poorly fitting doors and cracks and holes in the walls. You are throwing good money away if you think that your energy bills will lower just because you have installed these windows.

If you live in an area with a temperate climate so absent any extremes, it may be quite difficult to justify the additional cost of triple glazing unless there is another overriding requirement like noise pollution.

Triple glazing blocks out most of the sunlight which enters your home so whilst your furniture and fabrics won’t fade, you will be denied the benefit of natural light and solar gain plus your home might seem quite gloomy and dark. This is in contrast to double glazing which still allows a reasonable amount of light into the house.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the U value?

U value is a way of measuring the thermal efficiency of a window. The lowest U value means that the window is very energy efficient, so it won’t lose a lot of heat. The U value of double glazing is approximately 1.6 but triple glazing is nearly half that because of the third layer of glass plus the gas infill

What is the energy rating of triple glazed windows?

Triple glazed windows have the highest possible rating for thermal insulation of A++, this compares to double glazing which will be rated either A or A+ only.

What is the best frame material for triple glazed windows?

uPVC window frames are really popular with multi-glazed windows, they are cost effective plus they require virtually no maintenance. However, uPVC frames are not as efficient at regulating heat loss as timber frames. Timber is more expensive to install, and it requires near enough annual maintenance; however, it is better at preventing the escape of heat and will help maximize the performance of triple glazed units.

How much more expensive is triple glazing compared to double glazing?

One average sized triple glazed window will cost in the region of $600 which is 10%-15% more than the cost for double glazing.

Why does triple glazing cost so much more than regular single pane windows or double glazing?

Triple pane glazing uses three layers of glass compared to single or double layers in other windows. The void between the layers is filled with an insulating gas. This can be either argon or Krypton or a mixture of the two. Gas adds to the cost with Krypton being more expensive than argon as it has a lower U value. Finally, the third layer of glass requires its own sealant to keep the insulating gas safely inside the unit.