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What Is The Average Cost Of A Corner Window?

Corner windows, sometimes also called wraparound windows, are literally just that, a window which goes around the corner of two different walls in your house. Most corner windows are made to measure and are bespoke to the individual property so it can be hard to find a guide to pricing online.

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The average cost of a standard replacement window is $600 so this is a good figure to use as a baseline. The cost of a corner window for your home is likely to be a bit more than this and it can be influenced by a number of different factors:-

  • The size of the window
  • The choice of material for the frame
  • The type of glazing you choose
  • Whether any construction work is required to fit the window, probably unless there is already one present and this window is a straight replacement
  • The size of window company you use for the installation
  • Where you live – zip code influences the cost of window units and labor charges

How is a corner window constructed?

A corner window is built as one unit containing two or more sashes which meet at a corner and encompass more than one wall on the property. This creates a dual aspect view with minimal visual disruption and adds a real feature to any room. There are no corner posts or joints.

If you'd like to check out some design ideas for Corner Windows, check out the video below:

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What type of property tends to feature a corner window?\

Corner windows are a very popular design on urban apartment blocks as they allow the light to flood in and maximize the view with no privacy aspects for flats above ground level. Corner windows have a contemporary feel so don’t tend to feature on older houses or period properties although you can incorporate them into a new extension or conversion.

What is the best room to feature a corner window?

Corner windows tend to work best in rooms that either have a good view or which would benefit from more daylight, or both. Living areas or lounges which don’t have the opportunity for French windows or patio doors but still have a good view of the garden can be significantly improved with a corner window.

Corner windows are also popular in kitchens, dining areas and master bedrooms. On the ground floor, corner windows can be full height floor to ceiling even if the room already has sliding glass doors. They create an illusion of light and space without building a window wall and are a great complement to patio doors. A floor to ceiling corner window can make you feel more integrated with the garden outside and conversely, create a real cozy effect in bad weather.

With a regular height corner window, a seat or large sill can be added to the interior of the room to maximize the feature, creating a deep bench area which can be used for display purposes or as seating and perhaps even as useful extra storage.

What are the advantages of corner windows?

Corner windows bring a huge amount of light into any room. They are a contemporary feature which adds both style and value to any home.

Because the window features on two walls, it is possible for the room to catch the sun for longer as it moves across the sky.

A corner window is a great feature location for a dining table or home office workstation.

Finding the right window installer for a corner window

Corner windows are pretty specialist and may be beyond the remit of your average replacement window firm. Although there are some pre-made corner window units out there, they still require expert fitting so be wary of a contractor who has not fitted them before.

Use online research to help you find the right company. There are trader platforms which may be able to help like Just key in some details of the project and you will receive several free, no-obligation quotes from qualified and experienced window contractors in your area.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is a corner window better than a room which is classified as dual aspect?

A dual aspect room usually means there are two windows on different walls, but they may be quite far apart. Generally considered to be a desirable feature, a corner window is an upgrade on dual aspect. Because the two windows are essentially one unit, they create an even more impressive feature, and the view is larger than if there were two separate windows.

Can a corner window have double or triple glazing?

For those worried about thermal regulation and soundproofing, a corner window is available with multiple, layered glazing.

Will a corner window add value to my home?

The return on investment on regular replacement windows is on average 70%, no wonder, new windows are consistently in the top ten of most popular household upgrades. A corner window fitted correctly in the right location and in the right style should offer you an even larger payback plus, it will increase the desirability and kerb appeal of your home when you come to sell it.

I have an older style house, where can I incorporate a corner window?

Even on more traditional properties, a corner window can be factored into the design if, for instance, are adding an extension to the main house. With the right architectural styling, corner windows can be added to more traditional properties but good design is essential to make the look work and for the window to blend in with the style of the house.

Do the two areas of glass need to be the same measurements on both walls?

The two windows will need to be the same height usually, but you can have three quarters of the window on one wall and the remaining 25% on the other; the split doesn’t have to be symmetrical. This can actually make the feature more interesting and unusual.