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The Cost Of Window Replacement In NYC

The average price of a replacement window in New York City is between $388 and $588 per unit. Labor is extra on top of this at approximately $155 per hour, higher than the national average. The minimum price for one window in New York starts at $175 but can easily skyrocket up to $700. A whole house project can cost in the region of $3,000 to $10,000.

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What factors influence the cost of replacement windows in NYC?

Lots of factors will adjust the price of your replacement windows both up and down, here are some of the key influencers to consider:-

  • Window size
  • Window design
  • Choice of material for the frame
  • Glazing type, privacy glazing or triple glazing will all cost more
  • The window brand
  • Any structural work required when the old windows are removed
  • How easy is it to access the site
  • Disposal costs for old window waste
  • The size of installation company you choose
  • Your location in NYZ – costs will vary across the city

Checkout the video below to see what's involved with replacing your sliding door with a window:

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What about labor charges?

Labor is usually charged out at an hourly rate and most estimates are split between the cost of labor and materials. Expect an hourly rate of between $80 and$100, this is higher than the national average but reflects the location.

How to reduce labor charges

Essentially, the longer and more complex the job, the higher the labor charge will be. Simply designed windows that are quick and straightforward to install will keep your labor costs down.

Always make sure there is easy access to the site as this can make life difficult for the contractors and will slow down progress.

What are the other costs outside the window installer’s estimate?

You may need a building permit; this can range from a few hundred dollars to nearly two thousand. If you are doing anything structural like radically changing your windows or inserting dormers into the roofline of your home, then expect to have to pay professional fees for architects and engineers.

There can be other third-party costs which won’t appear on your estimate like scaffolding hire for windows above ground floor level and disposal costs for the old windows that are taken out.

Always check with your contractor what other costs you should expect as some will assume that you are aware of these. Also, factor in another 10% over and above the estimate’s cost without any third party costs to cover any unforeseen issues.

How to reduce the cost of window replacement in NYC

If your budget won’t quite stretch to what you want, then there are some tips and tricks to make the spend more affordable. Here are some suggestions:-

  • Fit fewer windows, do one wall at a time or one floor although some contractors will offer you a discounted rate for ten or more windows, so you have to weigh up one against the other – fewer windows may result in a higher price per unit
  • Choose a simpler design or just a cheaper frame and/or glazing. You might not have to downgrade all the windows but perhaps the ones at the back of the house which are less visible
  • Ask you installer where you can cut costs on the quote, most contractors are happy to work with you if are trying to come in under budget
  • Look around for window grants – your window company should know what’s currently available but do look online as there are lots of different schemes out there. A grant won’t cover the cost of your windows but could help. Ask your contractor whether changing the window product would help make you more likely to receive a window grant
  • If you are really struggling, then you could consider topping up with finance from the installation company. Most window contractors offer loans via a third-party institution to help customers make that financial reach

How to find a good window contractor in NYC

Ask friends and colleagues for a personal recommendation and if you can’t find someone then you could look online in a community forum on social media.

There are also lots of trader platforms online which can save you endless hours trawling around looking for window installation companies and getting in touch with each one of them individually.

One platform to use is Just key in a few simple details about your home and window project with a contact number or email and receive free, no obligation quotes from window contractors in your area. It’s a much quicker and smarter way to find companies which are available to work in your neighborhood from a bank of reputable professionals.

 Frequently Asked Questions

My windows can be repaired and don’t need replacement, how much will that cost in NYC?

Repairs costs will vary depending on the type of windows you have and how much repair work is needed on them. A good average to work to in NYC is between $374 and $450 per window as compared to the national average of between $159 and $513.

How can I research if there are any window grants available in NYC for my window replacement project?

Start by asking your window contractor, they are usually pretty clued up about the latest grants as they can be a good selling tool for customers. However, don’t just rely on them, do your own research online. Remember, that grants for windows operate at federal and state level as well as locally so keep your search broad. Most grants are aimed at energy efficient windows but not all energy efficient grants cover domestic windows so always read the small print.

If I receive a grant towards the cost of my windows in NYC, will I have to pay it back if I move house?

Some grant schemes will put restrictions on how long you need to remain in the property to avoid people just accessing funds as part of a fixer upper project. Read the small print carefully before you sign up so you are aware of any covenants.